In her past life T. was a designer. But here’s no place and time to talk about shoe design. Story of  ‘Sushico’ begins after one of her business trips. 

After coming back to Tbilisi, she decided to share with others, what she was already missing after the trip – delicious sushi, for tasting which you don’t have to sell your house.

Back then T. and L. still lived separately, but here’s no place and time for that story as well. ‘Sushico’ started in a small space, where couriers and guests often mingled together – there were just 3 tables around and not that much space.

Looking at ‘Sushico’s’ new home at Zandukeli str. 40 you clearly notice a designer’s careful eye. Each part of it’s is planned and executed by family members and L.

When they first started in the small storefront, you could just order a handful kind of rolls. Their number keeps growing to date: you’ll not only find makis, rolls and nigiris in our menu, but noodles  and soups as well. And even though pretty much everything has changed from the day of ‘Sushico’s’ opening, T.-s conception remains the same – maybe best ingredients are very important (like our rarest, tasty rice) professionalism of the cook as well (and those, who’ve seen what our cook is capable of, will testify under oath) but what really sets ‘Sushico’ apart from others is the fanatic drive and ambition of an amateur aficionado, which T. and L. are full of.

Ambition, that after your first visit ‘Sushico’ will become a new home for you too.